Love Letter to the Great State of North Carolina and Everything Within It

Love Letter to the Great State of North Carolina and Everything Within It


On this Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. Despite an impending storm, love remains to be a force of beauty that ripples throughout the land day in and day out. The last few months have been tough for those that find themselves as caretakers of the land, working too many cloudy days that brought us what seemed like endless rain leading to mud and cold. Many of those caretakers are farmers and landscapers that make up the majority of our compost users. They play an important part in “completing the loop”, with us processing the waste materials of surrounding areas to turn them into a stable soil amendment known as compost. They then use this compost to transform landscapes and farmland into the future world that we will see and generations thereafter will see. Together we collaborate to do this again and again, working year after year replenishing the soil’s reserves while stimulating the microbiology that is essential for the plant-soil connection. This connection of plant roots, soil, water, air and tiny bugs use the organic matter in compost as the fuel that feeds the very bugs below our feet to do the work of nutrient exchange that allows plants to thrive.

You may say that plants are not your thing, that you don’t have a green thumb or that you are more of a meat eater and don’t like anything green on your plate. But what does the animal eat? I’ve become more of a fruit and veggie eater over the years, after figuring out that my body lacked essential nutrients needed to keep it healthy and that’s where the foundation of health lies. Mental, physical, and emotional health is near impossible to obtain without good nutrition. Need we look any further for why society seems to be sick and spiraling out of control? We have forgotten all about the foundation for health, and that is a healthy soil. Just because you put a seed in the ground and it bears fruit, it doesn’t mean that it is nutritionally dense and therefore has met its full potential to nourish those that feed upon it.

In many ways I see compost facilities as regeneration factories that, when met with plants, can provide the reality of foundational health for the land and everything that is created form it including people. For what would this world be without people? What will this world be when more people have love for the land and everything that it creates? My wish on this day of love is for people to not find themselves with all their treasures in the belly of a sinking ship, only to find themselves bailing water for the remainder of their existence. I firmly believe that your land and everything upon it is your treasure. From the land we harvest the result of a labor of love. Let it be a labor of the continuous pursuit of quality from the ground up.

Caretakers and consumers must embrace the reality of our situation without blame to whosoever may be at fault, for blame is cyclical and synonymous with anger and inaction. Individuals must call upon their talents derived from the mind, body and soul to stimulate their surroundings. Even in the grayness of winter I see the beauty that could be and that shall be if we are so blessed to continue working with others that nurture and inspire the visionaries of this land. Let no man, woman, or child belittle their potential to create the world around them. I ask that they lead every day with thankfulness and act with love and understanding. The opportunities of today are greater than at any time in history, and to lead with love is to set fear aside.

To all those that are putting out seed in North Carolina, we appreciate your dedication and hard work and certainly admire your potential to create something great for the world to see! At Brooks Contractor we look forward to being a part of providing fertile ground for central North Carolina so that it may continue to grow in 2016 and beyond.

-Amy Brooks


“Out of clutter, find simplicity. 

From discord, find harmony.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”      – Albert Einstein