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At CompostNow, unwanted food waste completes circle as compost …

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But Where Do They Take ALL Those Leaves?

7,485 TONS of leaves are composted from the city of Cary!
Brook Contractor picks up from other cities as well, but to read specifically about Cary and the dates for pickup/collection, click here to be diverted to the CaryCitizen.

Pizza Box Gets College Try

Read more of this article from The Wall Street Journal regarding composting pizza boxes at NC State, which are diverted to our compost facility.

Carter Finley Stadium Implements Composting

As the Wolfpack scores touchdowns on the football field, NC State fans will be moving the chains toward creating a zero-waste Carter-Finley Stadium during the 2015 football season.

NC State Athletics and NC State’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Office have partnered to add stadium composting bins, which will be used to collect food waste and other organic material from each game. This waste will be recycled into compost, a nutrient-rich soil amendment that is used to grow plants, flowers and trees.

The new compost bins, which are gray with green lids, will be located….

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Soil Science: Down And Gritty In The Dirt


For more information, visit UNC-TV: Soil Science


In its latest issue (July 2013), BioCycle profiles Brooks Contractor in the article, “Food Waste Composting Success.”

Environmental Heroes

In 2009, UNC Chapel Hill’s Medical and Science Journalism Program filmed a segment on Brooks Compost Facility.


In 2006, Brooks Contractor was profiled in a BioCycle article called, “Growing A Commercial Organics Composting Company.”