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Building a Brighter Future

Here at Brooks Contractor, we are committed to providing the heart of North Carolina with a superior option to landfilling organic waste. Composting provides the communities we serve with not only a sustainable place to divert their wastes, but the resulting finished product brings resilience to the soil. Compost contains nutrients, organic matter, humic and fulvic acids, and those all-important microbes responsible for making the soil system work to feed plant life as well as filter and store our water supply. Scientific research will always be in research mode on just how important bacteria and fungi are to live because there is an infinite amount of species, and most of them we have no idea how they function for soil, plant, and human health! Modern society in America often separates urban and rural environments, but we are here to bridge that gap and bring out the best for both lifestyles. It is entirely possible to live in a society that upholds its ecosystem health as the most foundationally important part of life AND continue to work with technology and modern inventions to make our lives comfortable and enjoyable. What makes this possible is YOU. You are the most important puzzle piece in making the world a better place. Each and every day, your choices shape the world around you and hasten or slow developments for modern-day solutions. Figuring out how to make something efficient is not the hard part in the business- it's getting consumers to see a better way and support it by making changes to their daily lives. We are waiting on the day when composting is considered normal. We feel like North Carolina is a special place in the world and have come to know the people here as some of the most creative and inventive, good-natured folks we have ever met. Since founding the company in 1990, we have crossed paths with many souls that inspire us to keep up the good work and stay the course. Yes, it is possible to live in a place where things such as our farmland, watersheds, and natural resources aren't taken for granted. These are the foundational elements of life that will bring health to our children that, for better or worse, will one day be responsible for themselves and the world around them. If the responsible generation should take action now, then we stop the cycle of placing the blame and burden on someone else to take care of it. Will you help us to supply North Carolina with products and services to enhance the quality of our soil and water systems? We are here to provide the people of North Carolina better options for a healthier place to live. We would love to help you meet your own goals and look forward to assisting your community with products and services from a family-owned business you can trust. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of North Carolinians by enhancing the soil and water systems of North Carolina with life-giving quality compost inputs for farmland and landscapes. If we can help farmers and landscapers to feed the soil, the soil shall feed us not only with substance but with beauty and inspiration. To do this, we pledge to continue making the necessary investments in equipment and infrastructure to make this happen. Employees will treat each customer with the respect they deserve as our fellow neighbors, friends, and family. Our hard work shall help build communities from the ground up. 

Our Vision

We envision North Carolina as a state with unparalleled abundance and beauty. From the picturesque mountains, to the rolling green hills of the Piedmont, to the long stretches of sandy soil down East and along our coastline- may this land be loved. For the caretakers and stewards of the land, we are here as a resource for your toolkits. For the business men and women of the urban areas, we are your zero waste to landfill solution. For the producers and manufacturers, we are your sustainable services provider. To the children of North Carolina, we are all working together for a future that brings you health and happiness. Hold us accountable for our actions and learn from our mistakes of the past. 

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