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Our Products

Our products are always free of biosolids, hazardous materials, and anything our family wouldn’t grow their own veggies in.

Find our products at your favorite landscape supply centers, or large orders can be delivered direct.

Bulk products in 1-2 cubic yard sacks coming soon. Please call for details.

Potting Soil coming soon! Available Fall 2023

Bagged Compost

For those that just need a small amount, we have one cubic foot bags available. Cured longer for an extremely stabilized and humus-rich compost screened to 3/8 of an inch. We then send it through our on-site bagging operation straight into our Brooks Compost Bags and ship 60 Bags per pallet for delivery. Bags are one cubic foot and approximately 40 lbs. 


Our original Grade-A compost! Food waste, eggshells, leaves, clean wood waste, animal bedding and other feedstocks create this soil amendment. The eggshells provide a natural source of slow release lime for our acidic NC soils. After we have cured the compost we then screen it down to a 1/2  inch. Perfect for most applications where compost is needed as a soil amendment. Best used as an initial amendment that is worked into the soil or as a topdressing.  Approximately 1200 - 1300 lbs/ cubic yard


For a sandy topsoil blend that excludes clay, BR-2 is an alternative soil mix. Till this blend of compost and sand into your existing soils or use this blend as a planting soil where irrigation is available.


Our “landscaper’s topsoil” is our most popular blend. BR-4 is a 50/50 blend of compost & topsoil that makes the perfect planter, lawn or raised bed garden soil. In developments where the good topsoil has been scraped off and hauled away, our "50/50" instantly brings life back to the land and is ready to hug your roots.

Approximately 1700 lbs/ cubic yard. 


Our National Organic Program compliant compost has met the NOP standards for certified organic farms. Our NOP blend is screened to a 1/2 inch and is perfect for most farm applications. This blend was created for the certified organic farmer, and is currently available as a seasonal product. If you are interested, please call and tell us to put you on the call list when we have a batch ready. When fully cured, we'll send you the batch analysis and details. 


BR-1MG  “Market Garden Compost” NEW! This 100% compost blend is specially designed for those setting up their garden or farm for serious success. Having worked with local farmers on this blend, we feel it is the perfect compost to plant directly into for those that would like to prepare their beds with an initial thick layer of compost (around 5”). These are often called “market gardens”, and can be built and planted right away.


This topdressing was created for soil leveling to eliminate uneven cuts and create a more enjoyable mowing experience. It has the added benefits of compost which bring nutrients, beneficial biology, moisture holding capacity, and organic matter to create a healthy lawn. This blend utilizes fine-screened compost and golf course sand.

Hardwood Mulch

What's the number one rule of soil building? Keep it covered! Double shredded hardwood mulch makes the perfect mulch cover over BR-4 for your landscape beds or it can pack down and be used to create pathways in the garden. When creating pathways, it is best to lay down a layer of cardboard first and especially if you are covering up an area that was lawn. Pair this with our BR-1MG when creating a market-style garden and you will love your new weather-proof garden! When dry, this natural mulch is a neutral light brown. 

Custom blends

If you are in need of an experienced soil blender, give us a call ! We bring over a quarter of a century's worth of experience to your project with all the materials and equipment needed to produce and deliver your dream soil direct. Brooks Compost and soil blends provide the foundation of your favorite public gardens, beautifully landscaped campuses, private estates, and productive farms. If you have a special recipe and are looking for a partner that can bring it to life, look no further. We've got you! 20 cubic yard minimum order for most custom blends.

Peat Alternative blends

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