Our Products

BR-1 is a Grade-A compost! Food waste, eggshells, leaves, clean wood waste, animal bedding and other feedstocks create this soil amendment. The eggshells provide a natural source of slow release lime for our acidic NC soils. After we have cured out our compost we then screen it down to a 1/2  inch. Perfect for most applications where compost is needed as a soil amendment. Approximately 1250 - 1300 lbs/ cubic yard


For a sandy topsoil blend that excludes clay, BR-2 is an alternative soil mix. Till this blend of compost and sand into your existing soils or use this blend as a planting soil where irrigation is available.


Our “landscaper’s topsoil” is our most popular blend. BR-4 is a 50/50 blend of compost & topsoil that makes the perfect planter, lawn or raised bed garden soil. In developments where the good topsoil has been scraped off and hauled away, our "50/50" instantly brings life back to the land and is ready to hug your roots. Approximately 1800 lbs/ cubic yard. 


This is our regular 100% compost but screened finer to accommodate the needs of spreading applications, or those where a finer particle size is needed. Examples would be topdressing lawns and sports fields. Some may call this magic fairy dust when they see the results. 


Our National Organic Program compliant compost is our product that has met and passes the NOP standards. Our NOP blend is screened to a 1/2 inch and is perfect for most farm applications. This blend was created for the certified organic farmer, and is currently available as a seasonal product. If you are interested, please call and tell us to put you on the call list when we have a batch ready. When fully cured, we'll send you the batch analysis and details. 


The Brooks Bagged Compost is our NEWEST product. Made of the same great ingredients in BR-1, but cured longer for an extremely stabilized and humus-rich compost screened to 3/8 of an inch. We then send it through our on-site bagging operation straight into our Brooks Compost Bags and palletize 60 Bags per pallet for delivery. Bags are one cubic foot and approximately 40 lbs. 


Specialized compost blends and compost made without eggshells are available. Please call us to customize your order.  Our products are always free of biosolids, hazardous materials, and anything our family wouldn’t grow their own veggies in.


Our hand selected triple-shredded hardwood mulch that we source from North Carolina or bordering states. We do not always keep mulch on hand so please call ahead to make sure we have it in stock.