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At Brooks Contractor, we commit ourselves to producing the best quality compost possible while diverting valuable nutrients from landfills.


We are consistently improving methods and products to meet ever-evolving market demands: farmers and landscapers that require a cost-effective, yet beneficial soil amendment.


Compost & Soil Blends

Making great compost is the basis of our business, and all blends start with our screened and cured compost that is free of biosolids and any ingredients that we wouldn't grow our own food with. We love to supply North Carolina with quality compost and soil blends in large quantities. 

Food Waste Collection

Brooks Contractor offers a unique food waste program for your business. We provide carts or dumpsters for your food scraps then create a collection frequency to best suit your needs. Help us feed the soil by keeping your food scraps out of the landfill. Nature is cumulative, so there is no time like the present!

Truck Hauling

Brooks Contractor is a well-equipped service provider and exchange point for organic residuals. Our diverse fleet serves to collect and transport incoming waste streams as well as haul finished compost and topsoil blends across the heart of North Carolina. We offer reasonable rates and friendly service.

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